Scott James

BusinessWeek named Scott James as one of America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs and Forbes Magazine profiled him as a Game Changer. One of his companies was a Founding B-Corps.

His film projects range from the opening shorts at the United Nations Climate Change Summits (Producer Lyn Lear and Director Louie Schwartzberg) to the breakthrough nature-based series on Netflix titled “Moving Art”. The products from his other companies have been featured in publications as diverse as Oprah’s O Magazine, National Geographic, Parents Magazine, the Washington Post, Outside Magazine, and US News & World Report.

In addition to social impact ventures, Scott is also active in nonprofit work. He was awarded a Governor’s Award of Excellence in Service by the state of Washington for his community preparedness work. The nonprofit he founded – Bainbridge Prepares – was recently awarded the Volunteer Organization of the Year by the International Association of Emergency Managers, cited as an ideal model to be replicated. FEMA brought Scott to their national training symposium to present his book: Prepared Neighborhoods: Creating Resilience One Street at a Time. It is available to purchase everywhere.

His organizations tend to either focus on “people helping people” such as Fair Trade companies, or “people helping planet” (which of course also help people) such as organizations focused on the climate crisis. Scott previously worked in the high tech sector, including Visio and Microsoft, and completed degrees at Baylor University and University of Notre Dame. Scott’s training also includes permaculture, Transition Towns, CERT, Wilderness First Responder, as well as mindful movement techniques such as MovNat, AcroYoga, and vinyasa yoga…all of which tend to be reflected in his work. He lives with his wife and children on an island micro-farm in the Pacific Northwest.

Scott is a sought-after mentor for social entrepreneurs and public speaker who has addressed audiences of thousands with passion to inspire action. He does 1:1 sessions with top performers and facilitates corporate retreats for small teams of senior thinkers, particularly among the social entrepreneurship set. You can reach him here.

These are his current projects and previous projects.

Supporting Your Balanced Leadership

A note from Scott…

I support Founders, CEOs, Executive Directors, and senior managers reaching their personal “highest and best” in our collective search for solutions to social and climate change issues.

I help top performing leaders just like you work through the puzzles you face by leveraging 25 years of leadership in social entrepreneurship, corporate marketing, executive consulting, startups, and board advisory positions. I enjoy inspiring teams of senior thinkers, particularly among the social entrepreneurship tribe, via 1:1 coaching sessions and corporate retreat facilitation.

While I enjoy building innovative partnerships and businesses to accomplish meaningful (and fun) initiatives, I enjoy even more advising others on how to do the same…love the multiplication effect!

As Harry Truman said, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

Clients have said I often help them “find relationships between facts.” Together, we can create and execute projects for:

  • building strategic marketing campaigns,
  • refining product/service design,
  • developing mutually beneficial partnerships,
  • completing successful crowdfunding campaigns,
  • inspiring an internal culture of strategic innovation,
  • thinking through long-term business mapping (both forecasting and backcasting),
  • implementing business continuity plans (natural disasters and black swan events),
  • managing dynamic teams, and
  • raising capital.

I ensure your conscious business leadership is practical, fun, balanced, and inspiring for yourself and your organization. Read what others think about working with me as I fulfill my personal mission statement to “Help others while having fun.”

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Katie Hess, Founder, CEO Lotus Wei

“Scott James is a builder – of both businesses and people – acting as a strategic partner and seeing how all the parts and pieces fit into the greater vision. He holds people (albeit gently) to their highest qualities and his modus operandi is to think wildly free of any limitations into the quickest path to success.

Not only is Scott a sincere and charming people-person, he does what he says he’s going to, which is rare and precious in today’s world. He is sharp, succinct and a natural-born leader that can tease out the biggest opportunities at your fingertips. He’s a maker, an architect and a connector, weaving threads together into new expressions of social entrepreneurship and businesses the benefit the world during this short life that we have together.

Scott is exactly the kind of person I want as a mentor, on my team or on my advisory board.”

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Pierre Ferrari, President, CEO Heifer International

“Scott is unique in managing constructive dialogue between market reasoning and moral reasoning.

What might be called ambidexterity is Scott’s great strength; it requires deep listening, critical systems thinking and creative adaptive solutions. Scott has all these skills and talents in spades.”

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Jessie Woolley-Wilson, President, CEO DreamBox Learning

“Scott is a fantastic listener, thinker, and partner for tackling challenging business situations.

Every year, DreamBox has a three-day leadership retreat.  This year’s event was especially successful, and Scott was absolutely essential to creating that success.  He guided the planning process, partnered with key executives from our company to set the agenda, and served as the facilitator for the entire event.

Scott has great instincts for group dynamics and how to structure conversations and events that are both engaging and productive.  He knew when and how to push us out of our comfort zone in a way that was productive and not disruptive.  Despite being new to our industry, he was incredibly effective at guiding large group discussions among highly opinionated, experienced executives.  In three short days, he earned the respect of the entire leadership team.

We are grateful to Scott for the time, energy, and passion he brought to help us advance our mission of helping millions of students achieve success in school and in life.”

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David Batstone, Co-Founder, Senior Managing Partner Just Business

“Scott was on my short list of people who I had wanted to do a project with, so when I decided to turn my Not For Sale book into a full-fledged organization to fight human trafficking, I tapped him to be our “Free Market” guy, bringing his marketing and ecommerce skills onto the team as we built a marketplace for products created by emancipated slaves.

If you are looking for a fellow to bring ideas, impetus, and integrity to a project, Scott’s your guy.”

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Daniela Isabella Ferdico, PsyD, Co-Founder Sensory Access

“You cannot afford to not know Scott James. Having worked with Scott on a variety of projects, I can say first hand that his passion, dedication and follow-through are unparalleled.

Scott is a “connector,” he always knows someone who can help you, can answer the question at hand or provide the next step in the process. When he can’t provide the answer himself, which is rare, he will not stop until he finds a resolution or next step. Scott’s dedication to a sustainable world fuels his work.

I cannot recommend Scott enough!”

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Siddharth Sanghvi, Principal, Nonemyet Capital

“Scott was a great mentor and advisor when we were growing World of Good. With his background in tech and passion for businesses with a triple bottom line, he brought a very balanced and experienced perspective as we scaled the business and eventually sold it to eBay.

Scott genuinely cared about helping us and I feel lucky to have had him as a sounding board.”

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Taliesin Black-Brown, Cofounder Zephyr Visuals

“Scott’s clear and grounded presence is contagious. I get caught in the nitty gritty; Scott helps me stay tuned to the big picture of what I want.

Not only do I value his tangible advice and strategies, but I deeply respect him as a human being – he leads by example.”

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Samantha Bergin, Chief Marketing Officer 98point6

“Scott is a rock star and I would jump at the chance to work with him again. He is a very creative and resourceful marketer focused on delivering value to the customer.

He can do it all… from brainstorming big ideas, to devising strategies that are measurable and achieve objectives, to driving and implementing tactics that deliver results.”

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Brandon Bosch, Director of Resort Partner Programs Snowledge

“Scott James has been mentoring & consulting with me for over a year. Scott is an amazing listener, asks great questions and delivers insightful feedback. I have spoken with Scott many times with big questions or decisions to make in life & business.

Scott’s even-keeled demeanor consistently brings me to a calm and collected state where cogent processing and decision making is possible. His way of being is extremely enjoyable and I am always impressed by our interactions.

‘Highly recommended’ is an understatement.”

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Rachel Roberts, Founder, CEO Oly & Water

“Scott has truly mastered the art of mindful leadership. He balances a wicked-smart strategic mind with the calm and peaceful presence of a zen master. He is as committed to mentoring and cultivating strong relationships as he is ROI, and I believe this is the secret to his success. He understands that profit is driven by people, not the other way around.

I credit Scott for giving my company wings in its first year. He took a chance on a fellow entrepreneur, he offered great advice to help me navigate the growing pains of scaling my business and he was a fun-loving sounding board for the some seriously off-the-wall marketing ideas, to which he often said “Go for it!”

I learned many valuable lessons about entrepreneurship from working with Scott, but chief among them is this: be kind, be bold, and get your hands dirty.”

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Matt Bogoshian, Executive Director AMCC

“Scott has been a great friend, kindred spirit and advisor on many fronts.

As I recently considered my transition from the Obama Administration, Scott was a great sounding board, providing me a steady stream of useful insights that enabled me to make a successful career transition.”

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Debriana Berlin, Managing Director, The Future Reference

“Scott so quickly and shrewdly assesses businesses situations, that I can understand his remarkable success. He’s always two steps ahead of me with the right answer, such as how to structure pricing, when to compromise in negotiations, and who to hire. There’s no better voice to have in your ear when you are the CEO.

Scott’s unparalleled business acumen and wide range of successful ventures make him my first choice for advice. Over the years, he’s had the right answer to everything from pricing to negotiations to employees. With a fast-paced style of mutual respect, perspective and humor, he’s also fun to be around.”

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Erik Lindbergh, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder VerdeGo Aero

“Tremendous gratitude to Scott for helping reinvigorate my brand and mentor the development of my new start-up business. Finding connections between disparate projects, helping to focus priorities and accountability is one of Scott’s core strengths.

Scott’s personal work-life balance ethos shines bright, and in my opinion, is a critical contemplation for entrepreneurs to understand as they launch to avoid founder flame-out. Scott is one of the bright, passionate entrepreneur/mentors of our times.”

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Jen Breen, Founder Bainbridge Yoga House

“One of Scott’s gifts is his ability to be present. He looks you in the eye, grounds himself in the moment and listens without an agenda or distraction.

Scott asks key questions to help one tease out the purpose of a proposed project or bolster support for a creative idea by being open, encouraging and realistic.

I appreciate his clear insights, positive energy and warm, friendly guidance. I admire his commitment to holistic health practices and self-discovery as well as the active and positive role he plays in his community.”

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Thomas Crowley, Co-President North Pacific Paper Company

“I’ve known Scott for more than ten years and I have leaned on him for business coaching many times over the years. His deep knowledge of fair trade and environmental issues puts him a strong and unique position to develop marketing strategies that are ethical, innovative and effective.

Scott sees opportunities where others see roadblocks. I know I can count on Scott to find an interesting path forward and to marry these optimistic, grand visions with the tactics required to make them come to life.”

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Brenda Zane, Group Business Director Cole & Weber

“Scott is a stellar marketer who has the ability to think big and still accomplish the day to day. His ideas translate into real business sense and his attitude is always positive and concise.

A true thinker – the rare ‘easy going’ type A personality who is fantastic to work with.”

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Michele Lang, Founder Insight Climbing & Movement

“Scott was instrumental in helping me find the right questions to ask as I began the process of growing my business. From guidance on raising capital to advice on market research strategies, Scott’s mentoring allowed me to feel confident in rolling out my message to investors.

In addition to Scott’s business acumen, he’s a genuinely joyful person whose positive demeanor brings out the best in those around him. My business is better off for having worked with him.”

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Dr. Carolyn Woo, President & CEO Catholic Relief Services

“While serving as a Young Alumni appointment on our Advisory Board, Scott showed himself to be a dedicated alumnus of Notre Dame, generously sharing his experience and passion for fair trade and social justice with our students.

He lived it, as well as worked in it.”

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John Perkins, New York Times bestselling author

“Scott James is a master entrepreneur in sustainable business.

He has a hands on, as well as deeply philosophical, understanding of the world we live in and of the need to address the issues that will impact his children and mine — all the children of our planet.”

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Courtney Mahler, Post Production Supervisor

“Scott James is an incredible mentor and motivator. As CEO of our company, he met with each employee quarterly to discuss their project load, goals, and hurdles in the work environment. These meetings always left me encouraged to become a bigger contributor to our projects and reach higher goals.

He brought mindfulness and physical awareness to our weekly meetings, which were “standing only”, encouraging our team to keep conversations to the point, while giving us a break from sitting, which everyone appreciated. Scott is both a leader and a team player, who always brings enthusiasm and inspiration to those around him.”

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Vance Howard, Producer, Filmmaker

“Scott is an amazing resource for people seeking to re-source their creative energy and apply it towards innovation in social change.

One of the best listeners I know, Scott has an uncanny ability to ‘get it’ and take it to the next level, whether through introductions to like-minded collaborators, creative ways for funding endeavors or reinvigorating our own commitment to our life callings.”

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Karen Rice, President Rice Performance

“Scott’s ability to listen deeply and quickly understand where his experience and ideas can benefit most has been a tremendous asset to me as I transition my work to a new business model.

The structure of the mentoring process and the innovative ideas he brings forward has generates new thinking and excitement in me each time we meet. Investing in this mentorship is one of the best professional gifts I’ve given myself.”

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Samantha Thomas, Executive Director DreamChange

“Scott’s unparalleled experience as a seasoned social entrepreneur and conscious business leader has been an invaluable asset to Dream Change and to me personally.

I will be forever grateful to Scott for his keen eye in business; for helping me to realize the full potential of Dream Change and my own business acumen.”

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Ben Klasky, Founder & Principal, Seismic Philanthropy

“I’ve known Scott for years and enjoyed the camaraderie of sharing ideas and making them better together.

He’s a great sounding board and an enjoyable collaborator for projects ranging from startup ideas to development campaigns. And his sense of humor (along with his focus/intensity) is a great combination to get things done.”

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Andy Kerckhoff, Principal, Teacher

“Scott is a terrific listener, questioner, and processor of my personal and professional information and has the ability to provide concise, calm wisdom in complicated life situations. On many occasions in the last 25 years, Scott has provided me with some of the most valuable ideas, encouragement, and advice.

He has benefitted from many wise people over the years, and he strives to share this wisdom and knowledge with others in a way that helps them know and fulfill their missions. When I am stuck and need a whack on the side of the head, Scott is one of my top go-to guys and always will be.”

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Udaiyan Jatar, CEO & Founder Blue Earth Ventures

“Scott combines infectious positivity, high intelligence and humility – a rare set of attributes in one individual. Combine that with his ethics, values and deep domain knowledge of the sustainability space and you have someone who you want to have on your side if you want to build a great sustainable business!”

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Greta Rose Zagarino, Founder & Director Greta Rose Agency

“I had the extreme pleasure of being on Scott’s team last year and was truly impressed by his intuitive ability to herd our eclectic and varied talents into a streamlined and powerfully effective force.

The impressive results we produced were due to his skills as CEO and ring leader.”

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Bart Morse, SALADI Director Of Business Development

“Scott brought an exciting blend of vision, leadership, and hard work to our company. Using limited resources on a shoe string budget, he made marketing miracles happen in a time of chaos.

It’s been years since we’ve worked together, but I still call Scott for advice because it’s always extremely insightful. He truly loves to help people.”

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Nick Ritar, Founder, Managing Director Milkwood

“Scott has been incredibly valuable in helping us design our offering. His insights have been critical to the development of our business. Scott has a tremendous understanding of the sustainable business environment and he is generous with his knowledge.

If you get an opportunity to work with Scott grab it… with both hands.”

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Brett Eddy, Executive Director of Technology, Palo Alto Strategy Group

“I worked with Scott at Visio, before the acquisition by Microsoft, and for several years later at Microsoft. I implicitly trust Scott’s judgement and consider him to be one of the best thinkers on strategy, marketing, and product differentiation that I know.

His value to me as a colleague, business professional, and go-to person is enormous. He sees value and opportunity in areas that are often overlooked – his creativity is a differentiating asset for those who have worked with him.

He is truly top-notch in his field, his passion, and his ability to change the world around him.”

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Leif Utne, Vice President Warecorp & DrupalSquad

“Scott’s passion for justice, and the joy with which he pursues his mission of doing good work that helps others, are contagious.

A consummate networker, he is one of those people who always seems to know who needs to meet whom, and is happy to make the introduction.”

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Heather S. Moore Paradis, Partner at Otorowski Johnston Morrow & Golden

“Scott is fantastic! He has proven to be an excellent sounding board to discuss current career paths and considered changes, even radical changes that might include other professions or trigger a significant alteration in ones work / life balance.

I value Scott’s insight and look forward to reaching out to him again.”

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Matt Eldridge, CEO, Oikocredit US

“Scott has been such a solid, go-to strategic advisor and sounding board for me. He’s been super helpful on a number of occasions, such as when I was considering a job offer to join an organization’s leadership team, or when another entrepreneur and I were testing the waters on a business concept.

Scott’s mix of business savvy, impact orientation and marketing expertise make him a truly valuable advisor and mentor – a truly powerful combination with his genuine interpersonal style and top-notch communication skills.”

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Elease Lui Stemp, Producer, Story Films & Discovery+

“As CEO of the studio, Scott James was integral in cultivating a positive and responsive work environment. He regularly engaged with the staff and encouraged open communication on every level. He motivated my staff and I to increase productivity while underscoring the need to balance mental and physical health.

Scott inspires people to work more efficiently and always reminded me to ask for help when needed, which is always a welcome reminder. Scott thrives in demanding situations, while delivering an element of calm, which is critical in today’s chaotic world.”

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Scott Wolfman, Founder of Wolfman Productions

“When a prestigious Midwest university asked me to find an inspirational speaker from the world of social enterprise to keynote a social entrepreneurship contest on their campus, I rolled up my sleeves, went online and contacted many fascinating and qualified candidates. But my search ended when I found Scott James.

Not only was his story exactly what the university wanted, but his personality and infectious passion and enthusiasm for his work, put him at the top of their wish list. Scott hit a homerun for us and for the client.”

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Marsha, Ann, & David, Co-Founders, Knight Partners

“Scott’s passion for sustainable business as well as amazing marketing and strategic planning expertise was invaluable to us. He helped us refresh and de-clutter our investor presentation materials with more engaging ideas and messaging.

Scott also referred us to several potential connectors and investors in our community. We can’t thank him enough for his valuable insights, quick-to-the-point suggestions and introductions.

Scott “walks the talk” and understands what motivates people to make the world a better place. Can’t recommend Scott highly enough!”

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Rob Smallwood, Founder, President

“Scott’s business and entrepreneurial experience allowed him to provide a precise pathway for our proposed business venture. His connections, resources…invaluable. His perspective and innovative suggestions creative, reinforcing our enthusiasm.”

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Joe Urbany, Professor, University of Notre Dame and Co-Founder VENNLI

“Scott is an amazing mix of natural instincts for building businesses, deep experience in technology and marketing, leading digital and technical skill, and dedication to social mission.

I met him at Notre Dame, where he was a student in my Marketing Strategy course in the MBA program. In this course we played a complex competitive strategy simulation. There were technical research tools in the game that provided clear insight into customer needs and the trade-offs they made in their choices, but could be leveraged only with deep study. Scott instinctively spent far more time than other students in figuring out those tools, to great effect. Not only did his team win the simulation handily, but Scott created huge value for the whole industry. His industry had better products, happier customers, and $200 dollar higher margins than the other industry we ran.

While an old business school story, the tale tells you a big part of what you need to know about Scott: he creates value everywhere he goes. He has since navigated and thrived in two large technology firms, built his own start-ups from scratch, each with important social missions, and produced dramatic results for Moving Art. And through all of it, he has managed his people with both an eye to performance and, equally important, their development as human beings.

In my 20+ years at Notre Dame, I’ve had over 3,000 students. It is difficult for me to identify any one other that has had such significant impact in so many domains as Scott. Maybe most important, over a career he has consciously pursued and achieved this incredibly complex balance between reaching for the stars for his organizations and standing up firmly for the needs of employees, customers, and society.”

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