Joe Urbany, Professor, University of Notre Dame and Co-Founder VENNLI

Joe Urbany“Scott is an amazing mix of natural instincts for building businesses, deep experience in technology and marketing, leading digital and technical skill, and dedication to social mission.

I met him at Notre Dame, where he was a student in my Marketing Strategy course in the MBA program. In this course we played a complex competitive strategy simulation. There were technical research tools in the game that provided clear insight into customer needs and the trade-offs they made in their choices, but could be leveraged only with deep study. Scott instinctively spent far more time than other students in figuring out those tools, to great effect. Not only did his team win the simulation handily, but Scott created huge value for the whole industry. His industry had better products, happier customers, and $200 dollar higher margins than the other industry we ran.

While an old business school story, the tale tells you a big part of what you need to know about Scott: he creates value everywhere he goes. He has since navigated and thrived in two large technology firms, built his own start-ups from scratch, each with important social missions, and produced dramatic results for Moving Art. And through all of it, he has managed his people with both an eye to performance and, equally important, their development as human beings.

In my 20+ years at Notre Dame, I’ve had over 3,000 students. It is difficult for me to identify any one other that has had such significant impact in so many domains as Scott. Maybe most important, over a career he has consciously pursued and achieved this incredibly complex balance between reaching for the stars for his organizations and standing up firmly for the needs of employees, customers, and society.”

Joe Urbany, Professor, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame and Co-Founder VENNLI