Katie Hess, Founder, CEO Lotus Wei

Katie Hess“Scott James is a builder – of both businesses and people – acting as a strategic partner and seeing how all the parts and pieces fit into the greater vision. He holds people (albeit gently) to their highest qualities and his modus operandi is to think wildly free of any limitations into the quickest path to success.

Not only is Scott a sincere and charming people-person, he does what he says he’s going to, which is rare and precious in today’s world. He is sharp, succinct and a natural-born leader that can tease out the biggest opportunities at your fingertips. He’s a maker, an architect and a connector, weaving threads together into new expressions of social entrepreneurship and businesses the benefit the world during this short life that we have together.

Scott is exactly the kind of person I want as a mentor, on my team or on my advisory board.”

Katie Hess, Founder, CEO Lotus Wei