Current Projects

This page is updated seasonally.

If you are not getting a timely response via email or social media, please forgive me. It’s likely that your inquiry simply doesn’t fall into the handful of areas of focus for me right now. I receive a fair amount of requests from folks both locally and afar, but I need to reserve my time for my projects listed below. Thank you for understanding.

Here’s what I’m working on right now, in the fall of 2017…

Wow, in the wake of massive wildfires here in the Pacific Northwest, massive flooding in Texas, hurricane tragedies in the Caribbean, and more natural disaster weirdness, I’m seeing a rapidly increased response to my Prepared Neighborhoods book that just released.

I’ll likely continue offering journalist support for news stories related to preparedness through a positive lens of love and community building rather than fear. You can find this coverage on my Facebook page.

I’ll also continue to focus on building resilience into my family’s life, as well as in our community. Right now that specifically looks like:

  • Taking care of my amazing clients (no more than five at any given time) who are directly bringing benefit to this world. Folks like these.
  • Expanding the reach of Bainbridge Prepares, a nonprofit that is part of a unique combination of agency- and citizen-led teams working in collaboration to make Bainbridge Island more resilient. Our goal is to become the more resilient town in Washington state.
  • Teaching yoga, particularly with a focus on holistic back health. It seems to be a natural direction to go after recovering from serious a back injury and getting burned out on my longtime passions of soccer and mixed martial arts. Did you know 80% of North Americans will experience significant lower back pain at some point? Until it happened to me, I had no idea.
  • Transitioning our permaculture micro-farm into the fall season after finishing the massive harvest of summer. Will likely redesign and reconstruct our massive hugelkultur bed into a better keyhole design.
  • Enjoying deep geek projects with my teenage son.
  • Always finding new ways of interacting with my elementary-age daughter in nature.

H/T to the always interesting Derek Sivers for the idea of a NOW page.