Current Projects

This page is updated seasonally.

If you are not getting a timely response via email or social media, please forgive me. It’s likely that your inquiry simply doesn’t fall into the handful of areas of focus for me right now. I receive a fair amount of requests from folks both locally and afar, but I need to reserve my time for my projects listed below. Thank you for understanding.

Here’s what I’m working on right now, in the spring of 2017…

Thank goodness the sun is coming back. I continue to focus on building resilience into my life, as well as others. Right now that specifically looks like:

  • Taking care of my amazing clients (no more than five at any given time) who are directly bringing benefit to this world. Folks like these.
  • Final push to finish the publishing process for my Prepared Neighborhoods book about neighbors taking care of neighbors while I begin to push the conversation into the mainstream via a new Huffington Post column.
  • Expanding the reach of our hyper-local Resilience Guild…a nonprofit collaboration of local teachers bringing homesteading and preparedness topics to life.
  • Volunteering with our city hall, fire department and others to revitalize a focus on islandwide preparedness. We launch a two-year islandwide journey this spring to become the most prepared town in Washington state.
  • Teaching a 1:30PM yoga class Mon-Wed-Fri each week, and a 6:30PM Friday night AcroYoga jam. Next up (probably this summer) is further experimentation with a combination of acroyoga + gymnastics + natural movement as a new (at least to me and our small island) approach to fitness and holistic health. It seems to be a natural direction to go after recovering from serious a back injury and getting burned out on my longtime passions of soccer and mixed martial arts.
  • Gearing up our permaculture-style micro-farm for the anticipated fast growth of spring. It’s an exercise in self control every year to not get out there too early and inadvertently compact the soil! Winter in the Pacific Northwest is a dark, dark place so any days where the sun peeks through the clouds is a day I gravitate towards the food forest.
  • Working on ways to relate to my teenage son.
  • Always finding new ways of interacting with my elementary-age daughter as her interests ebb and flow with the seasons.
  • Watching our new barn cat interact with our German Shepard and bring home dead mice, voles, and rats almost daily (which makes me happy). First time we’ve ever had kittens; I now understand YouTube.


H/T to the always interesting Derek Sivers for the idea of a NOW page.