Debriana Berlin, Managing Director, The Future Reference

Deb Berlin

“Scott so quickly and shrewdly assesses businesses situations, that I can understand his remarkable success. He’s always two steps ahead of me with the right answer, such as how to structure pricing, when to compromise in negotiations, and who to hire. There’s no better voice to have in your ear when you are the CEO.

Scott’s unparalleled business acumen and wide range of successful ventures make him my first choice for advice. Over the years, he’s had the right answer to everything from pricing to negotiations to employees. With a fast-paced style of mutual respect, perspective and humor, he’s also fun to be around.
Have you seen little kids jump for joy when they’re getting candy? That’s what I do after a conversation with Scott – his advice is so rich, so sweet, and so energizing that you’ll get a sugar high.”

Debriana Berlin, Managing Director, The Future Reference