Rachel Roberts, Founder, CEO Oly & Water

Rachel Roberts“Scott hired me and my budding agency to support marketing communications and brand management for Moving Art
during his tenure as CEO. From the very first email exchange, I knew Scott was a visionary and a born entrepreneur.

The questions he asked were not boilerplate. He wanted to understand how I problem-solved, how I would approach a technical challenge creatively, and how I would lead a small team remotely. I was so inspired by Scott, I quickly scaled my internal team to support this new client, eager to successfully execute the grand vision he held for Moving Art.

Under Scott’s leadership, several new revenue streams were established for Moving Art, including Visual Healing, a program developed to enter the spa and hospitality market, and Fantastic Fungi, a sub-brand created to market a documentary film by the same name. We raised an unprecedented amount of money through Kickstarter to support the making of this film, putting our project in the top 1% of all documentary fundraisers in Kickstarter history.

Scott has truly mastered the art of mindful leadership. He balances a wicked-smart strategic mind with the calm and peaceful presence of a zen master. He is as committed to mentoring and cultivating strong relationships as he is ROI, and I believe this is the secret to his success. He understands that profit is driven by people, not the other way around.

I credit Scott for giving my company wings in its first year. He took a chance on a fellow entrepreneur, he offered great advice to help me navigate the growing pains of scaling my business and he was a fun-loving sounding board for the some seriously off-the-wall marketing ideas, to which he often said “Go for it!”

I learned many valuable lessons about entrepreneurship from working with Scott, but chief among them is this: be kind, be bold, and get your hands dirty.”

Rachel Roberts, Founder, CEO of Oly + Water